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Zapping Love Handles

Have you tried getting rid of your love handles and they seem to just hang around like unwanted guest. Are you not so in love with your “Love Handles”. Understandable. Whether you don’t like them or simply want to change your aesthetic, here are some exercises you can do that with consistency will help you with getting rid of those love handles.


This exercise will require your endurance and will power to complete, but you can do it. Planks firm up your abs and strengthen the muscles underneath any fat that you may have. This is not the whole solution to loosing your love handles but is an important part of the equation. Try these for 4 sets of 1 minute at a time. If you cannot do that then try 30 second intervals. By all means push yourself and try not to take any breaks. You can absolutely do this.


Crunches will work to firm up your mid section. While they do not act directly on your love handles they do work to make your core aesthetic look uniform. Once you have sculpted the core muscles, the work of shedding fat can be done. Try these for 3-6 sets of 20.

Oblique Crunches

Oblique crunches are a  modification of the standard crunch, detailed above. With oblique crunches the objective is to lift your head slightly off of the surface you are lying on by contracting your abdominal muscles while turning your shoulder or elbow to your hip on the opposing side of your body. In short, you are torquing (not twerking) your body while doing a crunch. See below for an example.

Leg Throws

For this exercise you will need a partner. Lay on your back on the floor and have your partner stand behind your shoulders while facing you. Lift your legs straight into the air so that your partner can grab your feet or ankles. Your partner will throw your legs in arbitrary directions and you must prevent them from touching the ground while returning your legs to their original positions. If you do not have any one to do this exercise you may still perform it by lowering your legs and lifting them again while keeping your legs straight and knees unbent. Leg throws are a very effective ab builder.

Hanging Side Lifts With Weight

To perform this exercise. Simply stand with your feet shoulder width apart while holding a dumbbell or kettle bell to your side. Bend side ways to the side that you are holding the weight on until the weight is hanging freely and you can not bend anymore. Return to an erect standing position and perform this movement for however many repetitions you set out to do. When finished do this same movement on the other side of your body. Try these for 4 sets of 20-25 reps.