Building a bigger chest

Building a bigger chest can be done with the proper Bench Press This is a classic exercise but should not be forgotten. Bench press works the entire pectoral muscle with emphasis on the central area of the chest. Include this with any workout to build a stronger and fuller chest. Try a variation of wide […]

Take my breath away ™

This is an ab routine that is sure to take your breath away. It must be done straight through with out taking any breaks. Ready? Let’s Go! The first thing you will do is assume a crunch position. Lay down on the floor with your feet elevated and your ankles crossed.

Go Heavy

What is the best way to get stronger and BUILD SIZE?! Go heavy!

Best exercises to do with a medicine ball

Russian twist Reaching Romanian deadlift Rolling push-up Medicine ball thruster Wall ball Triceps extension Weighted superman

Beastly Backs

Lateral Pull-Downs Close Grip Pull-Downs Up-Right Rows Reverse Butterfly Press Bent Over Rows


There are so many variations of squats and chances are you haven’t tried all of them. Switching up your routine and incorporating workouts you don’t normally do will activate different muscles and present new challenges for you in your overall fitness. Here is a long list of different squats you may try. Traditional Squats Traditional […]

10 Home workouts you can start today

1. Squats You don’t need any weights at all to start this exercise. Simply choose an open clear area and lower your body by bending your knees, bending slightly at the hips and standing back up. Remember to keep your shoulders square (chest out, butt out) and keep your center of gravity parallel to the […]

Zapping Love Handles

Have you tried getting rid of your love handles and they seem to just hang around like unwanted guest. Are you not so in love with your “Love Handles”. Understandable. Whether you don’t like them or simply want to change your aesthetic, here are some exercises you can do that with consistency will help you […]

Leg Day

NOTORIOUS!..AKA Leg day. It is a day many gym goers dread or at least do not look forward to as much as say…chest day! Dread no more, with routine implementation leg day will become a staple of your fitness. Squats 10 reps for 3 sets (3×10) on 225 lbs 3 reps for 3 sets (3×3) […]

Benefits of Overtraining

You may have been told at one point, or perhaps many points, about the dangers of over training and why you should not do it. I am also a believer that too much of anything is not not good. However in this article I wish to talk about why “over”-training may be beneficial when exercising. […]

Bicep Blitz

In this article we look at how to get the most out of arm day. Arms get worked vicariously through other exercises intended for other parts of the body however the exercises in this article isolate the bicep muscle and growth. Each exercise should be done with proper form and continuously. Let the blitz begin! […]